About WebGradients


Glad you are here!
WebGradients is a free project of itmeo team. Simple and powerful, WebGradients contains 180 fresh backdrop gradients lovely served in Sketch, PSD, CSS and PNG formats. When you need to add a gradient in your project, WebGradients saves your valuable time in a smooth, handy and inspiring way. Bookmark the site to use it in your next project!

Who We Are

We are itmeo β€” a small team based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. We make stunning products for those who create web.
Our mission is to build a solid connection between designers and developers, make their life easier and speed up their workflow.
Join our progress by following itmeo. Also, we are looking for passionate designers and developers to work with. If you live in Saint Petersburg and want to apply, drop your CV here: [email protected]

Tell Your Friends

WebGradients is widely loved by thousands of people around the web. The project had totally exploded ProductHunt, Behance, Github, and many other design/development platforms.
Tell your friend about the godsend, they will be grateful: